Write titles

Aggressively shorten titles

Always try to remove these words from headlines: at, of, for, the, in, is, and, from, to

Posts first video on YouTube -> Posts first YouTube video
Fire in Sony warehouse =>Warehouse fire
Search resumes in Southern Ocean => Southern Ocean search resumes
Paparazzi hit by Bieber’s car => Car hits Paparazzi, or Paparazzi hit
Morgan taken to hospital => Morgan hospitalized

Do not repeat the date of the post in the title

The date of the post is set by the datepicker.

Do not repeat the name of the subject in the title

We already know what the newsline is about, so we do not need to repeat the topic’s name in the title.

  1. Bad: George Clooney wins Oscar
  2. Bad: Clooney wins Oscar
  3. Correct: Wins Oscar

Exception: When two people share an Event: Gates sues Jobs

Do not capitalize every word

Post titles should NOT be capitalized (except for book, song and album titles etc)

  • WRONG: Debris Found In Ocean
  • CORRECT: Debris found in ocean

Books, Songs, Album titles

Use the name of the media as the post title

Releases Dark Side of the Moon => Dark Side of the Moon


[Subject’s full name] born in [City,State or Country]. If the city is well-known (London, Tokyo, New York) we don’t need the State or Country

Marriages, divorces, breakups

Because these are all between two people the titles are written like this:

Griffiths, Banderas divorce
Lopez, Affleck breakup
Clooney, Alamuddin marry

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