What news can I write about?

The objective of each newsline is to tell a story. If the story is cluttered with too many minor items it will tire the reader. Please make sure that the events you add are:

  • part of a timeline of events about the subject that either have a past and/or will continue into the future
  • actually news

Always news

  • Births, deaths, marriages, breakups
  • accidents, murders, robberies, disasters etc
  • Movie, book, song, product releases
  • Important firsts: First time a band plays together, inventions
  • Business starts, sales, mergers, stock exchange listings, important earning announcements.

Almost anything in a major newspaper, or on the front page of Drudge Report

Analysis is not news

  • Analysis is generally not news, unless it is newsworthy in its own right, for example.
  • Articles by pundits and commentators are not news
  • Your own theories or commentary about events is not news

Famous people doing ordinary things is not suitable for a timeline

  • Celebrities doing ordinary things: Meeting other celebrities for lunch, dinner or any kind of meal.
  • Celebrities shopping or on bike rides
  • Celebrity appearances in small towns

Minor events are not news

  • Minor company press releases, minor employee changes are not suitable for newslines

News where nothing happens is not suitable for newslines

  • Lindsey Lohan did not go out today
  • Actor 1 and Actor 2 did not announce their engagement (These are actually a type of analysis)
  • Announcements about announcements are not suitable for Newslines

News that is not part of a timeline is not good for newslines

  • Events that only happen once ever
  • Local events and murders of people who are not famous, and that are not controversial
  • Your own theories or commentary

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