What is a Newsline?

Newslines = News Timelines

Newslines helps you organize the news. Contributors build each newsline by adding Events. Each Event is a summary of the news about an event relating to the topic.

Every Event follows the same format and contains a Date, Title and Summary. Many Events will also have Quotes and Related Media, scuh as a YouTube video, Tweet or an image.

Note that the post is in the present tense and the main link to the source is on the main action verb: plays

There are many different types of Events. For example, the newsline of Arnold Schwarzenegger includes Events like…

  1. Born in Austria
  2. Starts bodybuilding
  3. Moves to USA
  4. Terminator
  5. Terminator 2
  6. Schwarzenegger, Shriver marry
  7. Becomes Governor
  8. Leaves Governorship
  9. Schwarzenegger, Shriver divorce
  10. Terminator 25
  • Each Event is about one moment in time
  • Events don’t have to be added in order

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