What do the icons at the top of the page do?

Newslines has several icons in the header.

Header Icons


Takes you back to the front page.


Toggles the view between headline and full article mode. This is good if you want to see more items on the page, especially if you want to filter the posts on the page.


The default view for Newslines pages is to have the most recent news at the top (News View). This gives you a quick view of the latest news on any topic.

The sort icon switches the view to display the oldest posts at the top (Biography View). This lets you see how a topic has developed from its start. If the Newsline is about a person you will usually see the Birth post at the top after you click the icon. Click it again to return to News View.


Filters have currently been switched off. They will return soon.

You can filter any Newsline by the Event Type. This is useful when you only want to see a particular type of event or a combination of events. For example, you could choose to display of a topic’s performances, or only display their marriages and divorces.

Use the checkboxes on the drop-down menu to display or hide the different event types on the Newsline. You can select any combination from the top level (Life, Appearances, Interviews, Awards, Product, Business etc) or at the next level down.

In this example below the filters are selected to show Aaliyah’s appearances. The results are shown in Headline View.

Aaliyah Appearances Filter


Takes you to our help system (the pages you are currently using).


Takes you to the Login page if you are not logged in, or logs you out if you are currently logged in.


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