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Newslines is not like other news sites. While you can write about any topic all of our posts have to follow defined formats. This is because each post is part of a timeline.

Understanding our formats will save you time when writing, give your post a better chance of getting approved first time, and allow you to post faster – all of which gives you the chance to make more money.

To check out the different types of posts click on any of the links in the Event section on the site’s front page.

Sample Movie Post

Tom Hanks Newslines Post 4

Note the following:

  • The post is in the present tense
  • The main link to the source is on the main action verb: plays
  • There are several main elements:
    • Date
    • Title
    • Body Text
    • Quote
    • YouTube

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Now you know the basic format of a post. We highly recommend reading our help materials in detail, but if you want to get started quickly we recommend you read these posts:

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