Newslines Post Approval System

Newslines’ post approval system comprises two parts: an automated validation system, and a check by one or two human editors. Key points of the system:

  1. Submitted posts are checked by computer (validation) and by humans (editor check)
  2. There are a maximum of two human checks
  3. Editors can fix and approve posts
  4. Writers get paid more for posts with less errors
  5. Editors do not know the identity of the writer when they select posts to check


After a writer creates, writes and submits a post the validation system checks the text for around 50 standard errors, as well as removing hidden tags and extra spaces. Some of these errors include:

  • Missing items
  • Things in the wrong place
  • Common grammar and formatting errors

In the box below the post you will see a list of errors, each with a checkbox next to them. When you move your mouse over the error you will see a description of the problem on the right hand side box. In this case the description box shows the “video not in blockquote” description. Clicking on the description opens a detailed description of the error in the knowledgebase.

Newslines Validation

Some of these problems will need to be fixed, others can be ignored, depending on the post content. For example, you may get an alert saying your post does not have an image. It is not necessary for posts to have an image so you can click the checkbox and re-submit. This is the situation in the image above.

However an error such as “numbers under eleven should be written out” must be changed before re submission. Please fix errors and select items you would like to ignore and resubmit.


Once the post is submitted it is added to a list of posts for Editors to approve. Because each post title is hidden, Editors cannot target you based on who you are: they can only judge the post on its contents.

Editors check each post for errors that could not be caught by the validation system. For example, some words may be spelled badly, or the post may not make sense. Editors have three possible actions:

  • They can approve the post, and publish it
  • They can fix the post and publish it
  • They can send the post back to the writer

If a post has zero errors the editor can tag it as a “Perfect Post”. Perfect Posts receive a bonus (0.10) and the author will also receive the Perfect Post badge.

If your post requires some minor work, the editor can choose to fix the problems and approve the post.

If your post has too many minor errors, or has one or more major errors then the post will be returned to the author. When this happens the payment the writer receives will drop to compensate for the cost of extra editing.

When the post is resubmitted it will be seen by a different editor.

In difficult or borderline cases editors can forward the post to an administrator who can either approve the psot or contact the writer directly to discuss the post.


The system keeps track of the number of errors you have and shows them compared to the average.

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