Invalid posts

What is an Invalid post?

An invalid post is one that has not passed validation. Submitting posts to newslines is a two-stage process. In the first stage, after you submit the post for review, your post is checked by computer for around 50 common errors. If your post throws up an error (and it will almost always do so) it changes status to “Invalid”. to proceed to the next stage (human check) you have to either fix the problem(s) or check a checkbox to ignore the warnings.

Is my post invalid?

If your post’s publish box says “Status:Invalid” your post has failed validation and has not been submitted yet. You must take action before you can resubmit.

Invalid post - publish box highlight

Can I see a list of my invalid posts?

A list of your invalid posts is here.

How to pass validation

If your posts throws up a warning (and it will almost always do so) you will see the Validation Errors panel.

Validation errors box

You must check ALL the boxes to proceed to the next stage.

  1. Fix any issues you need to in the text and check the relevant checkbox to show you have fixed the problem
  2. Check all the other checkboxes to show that you are ignoring the warnings.

It is okay to ignore warnings if they are not relevant. For example you post may have two errors: Missing Image and Missing Video. If you can’t find a suitable image or video for your post then simply check the boxes to ignore the warnings and resubmit.

Note that if you change your post’s text it may throw up a new validation error related to the text you changed.

Check all boxes to proceed
Check all boxes to proceed

Once all the checkboxes are checked the post will be fully submitted and it will then enter the second stage where a human editor will assess it. you will know the post has been submitted when the status cahnges to “Pending Review”

Publish box Pending review

If you really get stuck just check all the checkboxes and resubmit. The human editor will then assess your post and let you know if you ignored something.

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