To ensure that all Newslines have a minimum standard, writers must follow these simple rules:


  1. Newsworthy
    The standard of inclusion of Newslines is if something is newsworthy. This means that it is reported in a newspaper or magazine, or it is verifiable information from the subject’s blog. Note the information does not need to be true. Unless you are Mark Cuban, your own opinion is not news.
  2. Verifiable
    Any post must have links to the source content. If you are making a summary of a news item from a newspaper, please link to that article. As much as possible, try to link to the original source of the news.
  3. Short
    All Newsline posts are summaries. Please use the minimum amount of words possible, but no less.
  4. Neutral stance
    We do not take sides. We post positive and negative stories, as long as they are verifiably reported in reliable media.
  5. Neutral tone
    Remove all weasel words. Actors are not excited to receive an award, they simply received an award. Please do not inject your opinions or thoughts about the subject of the post.
  6. Present tense
    All Newsline posts are written in the present tense. Do not use the past tense in posts even if they are in the past.
  7. Do not repeat
    A normal news story will include a lot of background information. For example, a news item about a criminal will include the date of the crime. There is no need to do this on Newslines as the date of the crime will be in an earlier post.
Please be kind to other users. Bad behavior, trolling, spam and disruption will get you banned.

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