Adding Events to a Newsline

Stage 1: Extract the information from the source

  1. Find your source, such as newspaper articles.
  2. Note the date
  3. Extract sentences that support the main Event. This will usually be the event highlighted in the headline.
  4. Ignore other events in the article – you can add them to separate Events later
  5. Extract the quote
  6. Copy the artcle URL

Stage 2: Add the Event to Newslines

  1. Click + Add New Post in the Admin bar (the black bar at the top of the page)
  2. Add a Title. Keep it short.
  3. Enter the Date of the Event in the Event Date box. Use the selector if the Event date has no month or day.
  4. Add Categories (the name of the person or product).
  5. Add an Event Type such as Birth, Marriage, TV Appearance etc
  6. Add the Quote
  7. Write the Summary of the news. Remember to use the present tense.
  8. Link the main verb in the summary to the source article
  9. Add Media, such as a YouTube video or Tweet. In some cases you can add an image.
  10. Re-read your text one more time.
  11. When you are ready click Submit for Review

After your Event is submitted:

  1. Your Event will be validated (automatically checked for around 30 common errors. If you have any issues you will get some warnings.
  2. Fix the errors or ignore warnings that are not relevant by clicking the checkboxes. For example you may not be able to find an image, so just check the “missing image” checkbox. You must check all checkboxes to submit your post.
  3. Your Event will now be submitted to a human editor for review.

Most people get used to our system and our formatting after creating 5-10 Events. If you need help jump on the chat, or send an email to


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