The Achievements system is currently offline


There are different kinds of achievements based on your actions on the site:

  • Basics: Registration, Adding an Avatar
  • Number of Posts: Add more posts, get more points!
  • Awards: Get special badges for adding certain types of posts. for example, add a Birth to get the Birth badge. Note: these are manually awarded. If you think you have not been awarded a badge that you should have received, please contact support.

The complete list of Badges is here. You can see all of your badges on your public profile page:[your user name]/profile/


Quests are awarded based on combinations of achievements. For example, by adding a Birth and Death, you will be awarded the Circle of Life Quest.


Each achievement has a point value. As you collect more points you will rise in Levels from a lowly newbie, through the ranks to international media mogul.


Check your progress on our Leaderboard page.

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