Newslines Post Approval System

Newslines’ post approval system comprises two parts: an automated validation system, and a check by one or two human editors. Key points of the system: Submitted posts are checked by computer (validation) and by humans (editor check) There are a maximum of two human checks Editors can fix and approve posts Writers […]

Linking to sources

All Newsline posts must have a link to a reliable source. These sources include, but are not limited to: Newspaper websites TV news reports YouTube videos Biographies Blog, Twitter and Facebook posts from the subjects themselves Please note that sites like Wikipedia,, are not a suitable sources for […]

Adding posts to a Newsline

Adding posts is easy… Click + Add New in the Admin bar (the black bar at the top of the page) and select Post The Add New Post screen will appear Add a Title for your post. Enter the date of the event in the Event Date box. Use the selector if the date […]

Strategies for creating posts

Newsline posts summarize all the important information in a news event. Try not to leave out any points that tell the story of that event. Find your sources, such as newspapers. Note that while Wikipedia is a good starting point for information on a topic, it is not a source. […]

What news can I write about?

The objective of each newsline is to tell a story. If the story is cluttered with too many minor items it will tire the reader. Always add the most important news events to a newsline first Please make sure that the events you write about: Are part of a timeline […]


To ensure that all Newslines have a minimum standard, writers must follow these simple rules: NEWSLINES POSTS MUST BE: Newsworthy The standard of inclusion of Newslines is if something is newsworthy. This means that it is reported in a newspaper or magazine, or it is verifiable information from the subject’s […]

What is a Newsline?

A newsline is a timeline that is made up of multiple news events. Readers can scan the newsline to get an overview about the news about a person, product or news event. Newslines = News Timelines Authors who are used to writing traditional newspaper articles need to adjust their writing style when […]

Quick start

Newslines is not like other news sites. While you can write about any topic all of our posts have to follow defined formats. This is because each post is part of a timeline. Understanding our formats will save you time when writing, give your post a better chance of getting approved […]

Add a post with no month or day

Often posts will not have a clear date or year. Examples: A person may have been born in 1911, but we don’t know which month A person dies in March 2003. We don’t know the date. Use the Date Display radio buttons Add the date as close to when you think […]


The Achievements system is currently offline Achievements There are different kinds of achievements based on your actions on the site: Basics: Registration, Adding an Avatar Number of Posts: Add more posts, get more points! Awards: Get special badges for adding certain types of posts. for example, add a Birth to […]