What news can I write about?

The objective of each newsline is to tell a story. If the story is cluttered with too many minor items it will tire the reader. Please make sure that the events you add are: part of a timeline of events about the subject that either have a past and/or will continue […]

What is a Newsline?

Newslines = News Timelines Newslines helps you organize the news. Contributors build each newsline by adding Events. Each Event is a summary of the news about an event relating to the topic. Every Event follows the same format and contains a Date, Title and Summary. Many Events will also have […]

Add a post with no month or day

Often posts will not have a clear date or year. Examples: A person may have been born in 1911, but we don’t know which month A person dies in March 2003. We don’t know the date. Use the Date Display radio buttons Add the date as close to when you think […]

Add a category header

Each Newsline category can have text that describes the Newslines at the top of the page: For example, for actor Sean Bean the text is: Sean Bean is an award winning British actor, born in 1955 in Yorkshire, England. He is notable for his roles as Boromir in the Lord […]

Remove whitespace and hidden tags

Please be aware that you may be inadvertently adding extra whitespace and hidden tags when you copy posts into the Add New Post input box. These extra tags cause the following problems: Text, especially in quotes, that is a different font, color or size than normal YouTube links that do […]

Celebrity babies

This guide is for adding the children of celebrities. If the child is famous in their own right then create a normal Birth record. Title Use “(Name) + born” for titles. Don’t include middle names in the title. Body Text Use either: (Last name 1) and (last name 2) welcome […]

Manually Crop an Image

Click on the image and then click the Edit Original button. Click and drag to select the area you want to crop, usually a square. Click the crop icon. Click Save. Return to the post and update. To make the image exactly square, you can adjust the numbers on the […]

Add a Movie Post

Movies are a big part of Newslines. You can add movie posts for anyone involved in a movie: the actors, the director, the producers, the author or screenwriters. Each post must be written from the perspective of the subject. A post for a director’s Newsline will have a different focus […]

New help center

Welcome to the new Newslines help center. We have brought all our help articles into one place and added a community forum where you can ask other Newslines users for help and advice. Feel free to participate. Note: I will add more help items today.