Adding video

Find the URL of the video you want. For example, this video of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show has the following web address: https: // Please use URLs with the[video-ID] format. If your web address is in a different format please search for the file using the YouTube search […]

Post Error Reference

This post details the standard errors that are caught by Editors. For an overview of the approval process read the Editors’ Guide to Post Approval, and for information about the errors from a user perspective please see Why was my post not approved? After an Author’s post passes validation, it is added […]

How do I become an Editor?

To become an Editor, you will need to have at least 100 approved posts, including at least three each of the following (birth, death, interview, performance, movie). Approval is not automatic, and is subject to the Administrators discretion, who may ask for more approved posts before the role can be taken […]

Editors guide to post approval

After an Author’s post passes validation, it is added to a list of posts to be checked by Editors. Editors can fix and approve posts, send them back to the Author, or forward the post to an Administrator. When a post is sent back to the Author, the Author should fix it and […]

Present tense and the word “new”

All Newsline posts are written in the present tense. This makes the news more lively. Incorrect Liberia closed most of the country’s borders due to the Ebola outbreak. Clooney appeared in Gravity, co-starring with Sandra Bullock. Correct Liberia closes most of the country’s borders due to the Ebola outbreak. Clooney […]


Newslines has an expanded different format for Births, which takes a little more work than a normal record: Title: [Name born in City, Star or Country)] If the city is well-known  (London, New York etc) we don’t need to add the state or country. In the Birth body we use […]

Adding images

Adding an image You can add images of people, logos and other graphics to your posts. In the Add Post screen, place the cursor at the very beginning of the post. Click Add Media. Select an existing image from the Library, or, if you want to add a new image, […]

Post titles

Aggressively shorten titles Always try to remove these words from headlines: at, of, for, the, in, is, and, from, to Posts first video on YouTube -> Posts first YouTube video Fire in Sony warehouse =>Warehouse fire Search resumes in Southern Ocean => Southern Ocean search resumes Paparazzi hit by Bieber’s […]

Why was my post not approved?

After you submit your post it will be checked by an editor, who will either approve it with no comment, approve it with a comment, or reject it with a comment. Newslines has a very stripped down style that takes a little getting used to. We try to build up […]

Validation Errors

When you first submit your post it will be validated for around 30 common errors. The Author writes a post and submits it for review The post is scanned for warnings and errors The system will automatically fix some problems, such as removing hidden tags If there are issues with the post, the […]