Movie and Trailer categories

Use Movie Posts for released films, Trailers for upcoming films If a movie has already been released just add it as a movie post, unless the release of the trailer was newsworthy in its own right. If a film has not yet been released feel free to add each trailer as they […]

Names inside posts

In general we don’t use people’s full name in posts. This is to avoid having to read the person’s full name over and over when reading through a newsline. Check out existing newslines to see how this works. The rules for adding last names are generally dependent on whether the person’s […]

Invalid posts

What is an Invalid post? An invalid post is one that has not passed validation. Submitting posts to newslines is a two-stage process. In the first stage, after you submit the post for review, your post is checked by computer for around 50 common errors. If your post throws up an […]

Embed Twitter

To embed a Twitter post simply add the URL of the Twitter post on a line by itself. You can find the URL by clicking on the date of any twitter post. For example: Becomes… In honor of Kim and Kanye's baby "North West" I will be naming my […]

Subscribe to email alerts

You can get email notifications from any newline by clicking the yellow star. Email Alerts You can choose to receive an alert when either a new post is added anywhere in the Newsline, or only when the latest news is added to the Newsline. You can also choose to receive no email […]

The front-page grid

The front-page grid is currently not the actual front page right now. It will be restored shortly. You can see it here. Newslines front-page grid allows you to scan through hundreds of our newslines quickly. Navigation You can use the arrows under the grid to switch panels, or you can […]

What do the icons at the top of the page do?

Newslines has several icons in the header. HOME Takes you back to the front page. HEADLINES Toggles the view between headline and full article mode. This is good if you want to see more items on the page, especially if you want to filter the posts on the page. SORT […]

Adding video

Find the URL of the video you want. For example, this video of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show has the following web address: https: // Please use URLs with the[video-ID] format. If your web address is in a different format please search for the file using the YouTube search […]